Carrier: RST Vanguard J9L-T5W

Carrier Info

Current Location Sowiio ABC 1
Docking Access All
Carrier Owner SebiLetPlay

Carrier Services

All not listed services are unavailable.
Service Description
Refuel You can refuel your ship at this carrier.
Repair You can repair your ship at this carrier.
Rearm You can restock ammunition and buy limpets at this carrier.
Commodities Market The commodity market is available.
Redemption Office You can redeem bounties and combat bonds here.
Universal Cartographics You can sell your exploration data here.
Shipyard You can store ships here and buy ships if stock available.
Outfitting You can outfit your ship and buy modules if stock available.
Vista Genomics You can sell you exobiology data here.
Pioneer Supplies You can buy all Grade 1 suits and weapons as well as consumables here.
Concourse Bar The Concourse Bar and Bartender Trading is available.